Respiratory system made of specific organs and the structures mainly for the gaseous exchange to breathe in the oxygen and breathe out the used oxygen in the form of carbon-di-oxide, and olfaction for the sense of the smell. But when the system is disordered functionally it may produce emphysema, bronchitis and asthma like conditions. When disordered structurally it may cause fibrosis, pleural effusion, bronchiectasis, cancers.

Our respiratory system provides necessary oxygen for speech, for functionality of every cell in our body, to filter infectious chemicals and to remove body wastes. Our lungs can overcome pollutants and disorders to a great extent and most of us take breathing for granted.

An individual suffering from a relative respiratory disorder experiences a common symptom like cough or difficulty in breathing. The symptoms could aggravate to sputum and even more is presence of blood is detected in the sputum

Respiratory Disorders Include:

Homeopathy Treatment

starts at bringing down the intensity and frequency further by increasing the disease-free period and minimizing the use of chemical drugs. Conditions like change of weather, allergy to pollens and dust, etc., are also considered before suggesting an appropriate remedy. Natural medicines are given to help reduce spasms of the respiratory tract and build overall body immunity and improve breathing capacity.

Homeopathy uses safe natural substances based on medicines information derived from clinical studies and experiential information of their remedial effects.

It has been observed that homeopathic medicines have reduced the need for hospitalization, and in the case of children, there has been improved attendance at school and an improved level of concentration as well as academic performance.