Infertility is on a rising problem in both men and women. Couples anxious to conceive, It has become a common problem. For many couples Infertility is like a crisis. The issue of not being able to conceive is highly emotional issue. So, here we have an idea of what is Infertility and what are its causes in both male and female.

Female Infertility causes are:

Female Infertility Tests:

  1. Hormone Estimation: To study endocrine dysfunction and endocrine causes of Infertilit
  2. Pelvic Ultrasonography(USG): To assess ovaries and uterus for anomalies
  3. Ovarian follicular study: To confirm ovulation or any problems related to ovulation.
  4. Hysterosalpingography: To check the patency of fallopian tubes and uterine function.
  5. Vaginal Swab & Culture: To rule out and treat any infection.
  6. Sonohysterogram: An advanced technique of usual ultrasound where water or sterile saline is used to inflate the uterus to give a clearer view.
  7. Laparoscopy: This is a surgical procedure that is done under anesthesia but on an outpatient basis for a view of ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. It is useful in correcting minor surgical problems like scar tissue, blockages, abnormalities and endometriosis etc

Male Infertility causes are:

Male Infertility Tests.

  1. Local examination of genitals
  2. Semen analysis
  3. Serum hormone levels
  4. Testicular biopsy
  5. Chromosomal test
  6. Immunological test

Infertility treatment in Homeopathy:

Every couple going through Infertility problems, struggle a lot. They undergo a lot of investigations and treatment, do a lot of research for further treatment, but few are successful. Then, at last they ask a question Can Homeopathy is the way to control Infertility problems? So more and more couples are now turning towards homeopathy and completing their journey by getting conceiving. Homeopathy treats Infertility not as a disease, but as an imbalance to be corrected. It can reverse Infertility as it goes to the root cause of Infertility and stimulates the body ability to heal itself. Homeopathy treatment for Infertility is stimulating and supporting a natural conception progressively. Here, we are prescribing advanced constitutional therapies based on individuals genetic constitution. Success rate is high if the both partners are included in constitutional treatment.