Facing difficulties in doing your regular day to day activities like combing your hair and others due to your shoulder pain? Do you have a feeling that you can no longer move your shoulder freely as you did before? Then this may be due to a condition called Frozen shoulder. Many people get confused with frozen shoulder and Arthritis, but there is a huge difference between them. People with Diabetes and those who are recovering from stroke and others are at an increased risk of developing frozen shoulder. Though frozen shoulder is not serious, it takes a long time i.e. around one to 3 years to resolve itself. Homeopathy treatment for frozen shoulder works by relieving pain, stiffness and also by improving range of motion.

Causes of Frozen shoulder

The precise cause of frozen shoulder is not clear yet, but it is believed that certain factors can raise your risk of developing frozen shoulder. Few risk factors for frozen shoulder include

  1. Age and gender
  2. Injury to shoulder
  3. Health conditions like Diabetes, heart diseases, Thyroid disorders, tuberculosis, Parkinson’s disease and so on.

Homeopathy treatment for Frozen shoulder

Homeopathy for frozen shoulder is the best choice as it can treat the condition naturally without using any invasive procedures and pain killers. Homeopathy treatment for frozen shoulder uses natural remedies which are safe and side effects free. With genetic constitutional homeopathy treatment for frozen shoulder and has treated several people suffering with it successfully.Along with homeopathic remedies some joint exercises which help in controlling pain effectively and quickly.