Now-a- days female problems are quite common, many woman’s are developing one or more of them during their whole lifetime. Most causes of female disorders are currently unknown. Female disorders affecting the ovaries are ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian cancers and also effect to Infertility problems and related Sexual problems. Disorders affecting the uterus are uterine fibroids, uterine polyps and uterine cancer. Disorders affecting the cervix are cervical cancer and disorders affecting the vagina and vulva are cancers of both and infections in vagina and vulva.

Disorders affecting ovaries are:

1.Ovarian cysts– These are fluid filled sacs which develops in the woman’s ovaries. It affects woman’s of all ages. Some cysts are functional and not a part of disease. Some cysts may be benign which refers to as cancerous.

Signs and symptoms:


  1. Follicular cyst:- This cyst can form when ovulation does not occur or when the mature follicle collapse.
  2. Corpus luteum cyst:- bThis cyst can form after an egg has been released from follicle, which becomes corpus luteum. If baby forming does not occur the corpus luteum will break down and disappear.
  3. Haemorrhagic cyst:- This functional cyst occurs when there is bleeding within the cyst.
  4. Endometrioma:- It is a part of endometriosis. This type of cyst occurs when the endometrial tissues are present on the ovaries.
  5. Polycystic appearing ovaries:- It occurs when the ovaries are enlarged in size, twice the normal size.

Common symptoms are: