JK's Homeocare founded in the year 2017, have been able to facilitate advanced homeopathic solutions and spread awareness and benefits of it.

we provide high quality medical services that are designed to increase proficiencies and ensure best homeopathic solutions with GENETIC CONSTITUTIONAL TREATMENTS

We are an integrated health system with an emphasis on serving our patients in the field of homeopathy for all your problems like Infertility, diabetes, thyroid disorders, pcod, allergies, asthma, psoriasis, vitiligo, back pain, varicose veins, hair loss, Joint pains, Gastritis, Piles, Migraine , Anxiety, Depression , Sexual problems with 95% success rate.

Our endeavor is to provide CARE and CURE to help every individual to the most fulfilling and healthier lives. We thrive towards qualitative services where our consultants and doctors follow a process of understanding the medical issue and accordingly provide the right treatment by taking precautionary measures for any side effects and allergies

Here, at Jk's homeocare clinic, we believe in offering the best Homeopathy consulting service based on our unique approach to facilitate a holistic healing and recovery for our patients.

Homeopathic treatment involves obtaining a complete picture of the patient. For a homeopathic consultation, it is vital to communicate all the details of the problems that you are going through, be it physical, mental, emotional. Your own and your family medical history are also important. Your likes & dislikes, fears, anxieties, sleep patterns, dreams, food preferences and aversions, and any emotional factors will all be taken into account. Many times, the smallest detail, which you think is not worthy of mentioning, opens the door to the cure.

In this process, We will ask you many questions, so that we will be assured of your complaints in detail.

The second consultation takes less than one hour. If you forgot to mention complaints during the first consultation, they can be shared in the second one. A second consultation within one week or one month may be necessary. It is case variable.

We find communication a very strong part of our practice and we encourage my patients to keep on communicating and not to hesitate to call us any time for further guidance and to report to us the slightest changes as soon as they start the treatment. Though we prefer face to face consultation, we do take follow-ups via emails and telephone. If someone is bedridden,


Do you know that 80-90% of diseases are linked with various forms of stress?

Are you suffering from any chronic disease? Step back, take a pause… introspect and you will find a constant source of stress in your life, It could be your wife, Mother in Law, Boss, brother, disappointments, jealousy, job, envy, betrayed, wounded pride, insults, humiliation, grief, financial loss, business failure etc. Unfortunately, Homeopathy cannot change your Mother in law or your boss, but it can give you the ability & strength to deal with the stress generated by them and hence positively affect your health.

Many people have some vague idea that homeopathy is not useful in grave diseases, or work only very slowly. “Aaaaah those sweet pills!!!” Others think it is not scientific or it won’t work on them. There are a lack of knowledge about homeopathy.

You keep getting cough and cold on and off. After few months or years it becomes more intense and gets converted into Tendencies / Diathesis and later into proper disease. Repeated cough and cold is often a warning sign of developing Asthma or some other major lung disease. You keep getting giddiness, fatigue, headaches, vertigo etc. on and off. After some time frequency and intensity increases. This could be the warning sign of Hypertension or Diabetes. Diseases are better treated with homeopathy when they are at the level of Tendencies and Diathesis. For this reason a Homeopath will ask you lot of questions even if you come for the treatment of cold or headache.

He may ask you past / family history, your habits, your behavior patterns, your likes-dislikes, your way of handling day to day stress. Patient’s body language and expressions may also help identify stress patterns. At a times these questions may sound irrelevant however along with other details this could be the vital information for your doctor to choose a right homeopathic remedy for you.

How do you feel when you need to walk with the help of someone? Then why are you dependent upon medicines? TRY HOMEOPATHY!

Want the best curative and preventive health care for yourself and your children? You want more than ideal standards of coaching, foods, for your children, but how can you ignore the ideal standards of mental and physical health of your child? Be wise choose homeopathy to prevent diseases.

Would you like that your child always depends upon coaching or a teacher for his studies? Then why would you like him to be dependent upon inhalers to breathe and keep on taking medicines for allergies? Nature has not made us to remain allergic.

It is most likely that the disease that you have is Psychosomatic. Think once again the cause of stress is in your environment. Get rid of the threats of drug resistant bacteria, viruses. These organisms are not the cause, they were never, but your lowered immune status is. Strengthen your immune system with Homeopathy! Use homeopathy stay healthy…!